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BridgeNet offers a comprehensive weekly audit suite that includes carrier auditing, reporting and general ledger coding. We are a full-service audit firm handling all modes of transportation domestically and Internationally.

Our weekly reporting provides full visibility to your shipments allowing you to track your expense to the penny and understand what money you will be receiving back from the carriers.

Our process includes 4 main categories of audit:

  • Accessorial/ Surcharge Audit
    • Cleaning up the carrier adjusted incorrect charges assessed while your shipment was in transit
  • Rate audit
    • Making sure you are being charged correctly for both shipment and accessorial charges
  • Unauthorized Shipments
    • Validating that a supplier/ Vendor is not using your account for their customers
  • Guaranteed Service Refund
    • Validating all your shipments were delivered on the correct day at the right time

BridgeNet employs a team of analysts that work directly with the carriers on your behalf to rectify any billing issue while tracking refunds to make sure you are compensated for erroneous charges 100%. Our value is our team. We support our clients with a full team of analyst as well as a technology platform to make sure every charge is reviewed. Our advantage over our competition is the “Why” factor. BridgeNet makes sure that a charge is backed by full data detail so our customers can fully understand the validity of the charge before paying it. If that detail is missing the charge will be credits.

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