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1. Market Intelligence Analysis (Benchmarking)

  •  Assess company spend profiles through data discovery and collection process
  • Compare contracted rates of member to that of our customer base
  • Present findings and areas of opportunity assessment for consideration
  • Induce cost reduction strategies to transportation partners based on intelligence
  • Initiate further reductions due to market changes:
    • Industry volume shifts
    • Fuel fluctuations
    • Capacity changes
  • KPI reporting on real-time market capacity and price indexing

2. Supply Chain Consulting & Operational Enhancements

  • DC relocation/network studies
  • Operational/mode Shift studies
  • Inventory mapping (transit/stock evaluations)
  • Gateway Studies – Air Freight
  • Inland network mapping – Ocean Freight
  • Port selection studies – Ocean Freight
  • Brokerage/Compliance studies – i.e. HTS codes and Duty/Tax process mapping and audit

3. IT Supply Chain Programming & Integration

  • Manifest system service automation
  • WMS system integration
  • Scanned order implementation
  • Centralized platforms
  • ERP integration (SAP/Oracle, etc.)
  • TMS initiation
  • Electronic product location id implementation
  • General ODBC smart connection

4. Due Diligence Evaluation

  • Evaluate complete supply chain (network and expenses) of a company prior to an investment or purchase
  • Identify savings opportunities for investment companies
  • Short term
  • Long term
  • Identify operational inefficiencies for investment companies

5. Sarbanes-Oxley Supply Chain Audit

  • An audit service to measure Sarbanes-Oxley compliance for financial transactions related to transportation
  • Areas to be audited
  • How orders are taken
  • How orders are shipped and how carrier gets paid
  • How orders are reconciled with shipping manifests
  • How members are invoiced for transportation orders
  • How invoices are reconciled to members using carrier invoices
  • How receipts paid by members are reconciled against invoices
  • Examination of areas where there might be evidence of potential fraud

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