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Control Tower

Within global supply chains, coordinating shipment activity in real-time is a complex task, and often times requires extensive labor hours to manage effectively. A technological solution to increase visibility into each aspect of this process, and to execute each aspect is referred to as a Control Tower.

A Control Tower will synchronize with our TMS offering to populate “best practice” routing instructions and will in turn monitor the effectivity of operator behavior globally. This allows upper management to quickly have accessibility and a pulse on all movement within a supply-chain in real time, and operators to have the tools and resources needed to execute activity in a compliant manner.

All carrier contracts and SOPs globally can be populated into the Control Tower environment through our TMS to ensure processes are standardized and visible. When service concerns or SOP deviation arise, contingency planning can be instituted. Full scale budgetary reporting is possible using the Control Tower solution at a member and location level.

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