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Niko Michas

Niko Michas - BridgeNet Solutions


Niko founded BridgeNet Solutions in October of 2001. With more than two decades of accomplished experience in global supply chain, Niko is the key tactical and strategic contributor that drove 100% year over year growth that BridgeNet realized throughout its first six years of incorporation. Leveraging an expansive portfolio of qualifications covering sales, operations, and executive management, Niko has proven his flexibility in responding to ever changing market conditions. Niko has lead the BridgeNet team to adapt to the constant changing goals and challenges that multi-national corporations hold in today’s business world. Prior to founding BridgeNet, Niko has held various roles with leading supply chain organizations with a focused career in analytics and engineering. Niko’s experience has allowed him to co-design a major customized transportation management system and assist in the design of general ledger coding software for a global third-party logistics firm. Both are currently being used by many Fortune 1000 companies today. Niko’s logistics and technology experience have helped BridgeNet become the go-to company for supply chain analytics and operational efficiency solutions.

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