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Take your companies Business Intelligence to the next level with Xonar, BridgeNet’s cloud based data warehouse that enables real time analytics and benchmarking allowing companies to easily manage complex global supply chains.

An area of focus is rate structure modeling and market rate comparisons. Our Xonar enable us to categorize any given customer based on a variety of criteria (i.e. market vertical, geographical characteristics, commodity makeup) and to compare them to all similar customers in our database.

We utilize market trend data to work on forecasting models on our customer’s behalf as well. A topic that is common in this regard is observing regional spot markets. We work to forecast capacity and cost using geography as a variable. This enables Xonar to plan opportunity buys on our customers’ behalf while market advantages exist.

Xonar Enables You To:

  • Control and reduce costs through data analytics, market intelligence, and cutting-edge technology
  • View your entire logistics network 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world via the Web
  • Gain a complete understanding of your total supply chain expense
  • Monitor every shipment in your supply chain, regardless of mode or location
  • Benchmark entire modes and individual lanes
  • Make optimal network configurations based on best practices
  • Create custom supply chain solutions
  • Monitor routing guide compliance
  • View market capacity and trends

Xonar - Business Intelligence

Global Supply Chain Logistics Management & Data Analytics Solutions